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Bar Height Table

Bring the pub style bar into your life! A bar height table is very fashionable and comfortable.

Invite over your friends and catch up over a cup of coffee, or invite over some friends on a Friday night and have a few drinks before going out for a night on the town. It’s also a great table to sit down at and have a nice dinner.

There is a wide range of bar height tables that are beautifully crafted with the richest designs.

The classic tables will fit nicely in your space, while the contemporary tables will be the focal point of your living arrangement and a great conversation starter that encourages enriched conversations over dinner or drinks.

A bar height table could be the perfect fit for your dining room, kitchen, pool room, or anywhere in your home to bring your living arrangement alive. 

Bar height tables come in many different colors: black, dark brown, light brown, grey, etc. Pick the best one for the area you’ve picked for the table; there is a color for any space in your home.

Bar height dining or pub tables are primarily made of a nice wood such as a dark walnut or solid oak. There are also some that are constructed using aluminum framing and a glass insert as the top of the table. These versions are great for outside or indoor usage. The tables are constructed to be durable and long lasting.

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The different types vary from square, circular and rectangular. Optimally you should choose the dimensions based on what will fit perfectly into the space that you have selected for the table to go.

Most of the circular ones are made with a glass top, but wooden circular bar height tables can also be purchased as well. The square and rectangular types are usually made with solid wood, with a great polished sleek look.

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A common circular type’s bar height table size is about 45”W x 30”L x 36.5”H, where 45” is the size of the table top area. The rectangular ones are often about 40"H x 40"W x 25"D. The square type is 42"W x 54"L x 39"H. Each type has a unique look, style and feel.

Some are more classic looking, while others are contemporary and modern, including the bistro tables. Many bar height table sets come with matching chairs or stools, if that is your preference.

 tables at bar height

 bar height table

 bar height dining table



 bar height table set

 bar height tables set

Bar Height Tables – Buying Considerations 

When looking for a bar height table, consider where the table will be located. Do you want to use it in the living room? In the dining room? Do you have a recreational or pub room with a pool table? Consider where the table will be placed and what its primary usage will be.  

If you will be using the table as an alternative dining table, the color of the table should match the décor of the room.

Keeping with the décor, you will probably want to get matching bar height stools or chairs to go along with the look and feel of the table and the room. 

In most cases the room that the table will be used in will dictate the type of table you will want to buy, the color, and the material.

We have included pictures of numerous options on this site; have a look around!